Tokyo Table

 After a short trip to IT park and a 100 peso taxi fare to get to the place, we finally arrived at Tokyo Table situated at City Time Square.

 Tokyo table is among the many establishments in the newly opened strip as well as one of the many talked about restaurants on the net. There were several good reviews about this place according to a friend,  so we decided to give it a visit.

I was not disappointed with the ambiance of the place from the get-go; I was captivated by this huge bamboo artwork by the entrance. My sister and I was the third group of the early birds to try the place.

At exactly 11:30, we were ushered inside and had a first glimpse of the spacious area for its customers.




It's like the size of two basketball courts combined. I almost gawked in disbelief at the size of the place, and there were several couch seats!

Plus the assortment of food was a fusion of several different cuisines! They had Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and European.

There was just too many to sample and choose from.


What I like about this place is the fact that they have a separate dispenser for drinks available to every diner who eats there.


 Let's see...

I also did enjoy some dishes on the Japanese section, particularly their sashimi. I'm a sucker for fresh sashimi. The marlin (or that white sashimi fish they had was very delish.) Salmon is a given. I also enjoyed their freshly cooked shrimp tempura. It had this sweetness in it that leaves you wanting for more.

For the Chinese section, I enjoyed the crispness of their Lechon Macao, as well as their orange pork (the inner meat was difficult to chew, however.) Their chill sauce and pickled bamboo shoots were interesting choices too. Oh. Did I mention that I like that pork roast with crispy pork rinds and chili garlic sauce?

For the Korean dishes, I definitely will repeatedly come back to eat their marinated beef slices. They seem to have gotten the sauce right.


 Tokyo Table
City Time Square, Mantawi Ave., Tipolo MandaueCebu City

A: 4/5

I think it's expensive to go here, costing around 750 for an adult lunch diner? Many of their food were hit and miss. The tuna sashimi was a disappointment. The maki tempura is too. The rolls were very unappetising to me, if you ask me.

Most of the Chinese food here are terrible. The dim sums had huge individual servings, probably three times the size of your normal siomai. The sliced salted meats from the koreans are very disappointing too because they were huge.

But hey.

At least the dessert section if well stocked. 


I like the creme brûlée. It could be a diet version of the one sold at A Cafe.


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  1. Unknown says:
    September 30, 2014 at 7:27 PM

    Wow! Lots of food in Tokyo Table

    Thanks for sharing this post! We linked to it on a post about buffets in Cebu.

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