Matthias BBQ

After a grueling sale day at Mandaue Foam with my mom, her friend, and my sister, we were invited to eat at this far flung restaurant in Mandaue City.

In a sense, it was a simplified version of Larsian.

There were several tables, with only one where you could get their BBQ. The ambiance was just as you'd expect from an outdoorsy restaurant, Noisy, blaring with music and teeming with people.

Their reputation is well deserved, I guess, because they know how to grill their meat. It was well seasoned and was still juicy inside.

The only negative points for this restaurant might actually be the location itself. It is situated in a busy highway that it is almost hard to pass through the traffic on the main road. The parking lot is very narrow, and because of their popularity, they are always full.

It is advisable to come here early, at around 530-6pm to get your group the perfect spot that you wish to sit comfortably, preferably not near the parking lot where several tables are directly joined to it.

In short, our visit to this place is very eventful. I enjoyed the food they served and the company I shared it with.

I'd definitely invite people to eat here again.

Matthias BBQ
Gov. M. Cuenco Ave.
Mandaue City


A: 3.75/5

Aside from the points I raised, the place isn't actually bad. You just have to come here early. We were told that the place is so popular that they run out of food to sell by the time the clock reaches 8pm. Cleanliness might be an issue for some.

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