Dimsum Break

My sister and I visited this place yesterday when we were looking for a decent cabinet for her room. We did find one at Metro and had it delivered to our flat. I skipped my breakfast that time, so by the time we finished at around 1230, we made a beeline towards Ayala's food court on the fourth floor. The place was packed, and it was with great effort from us so we could find an empty spot for us to eat. We were situated between Dimsum break and CNT Lechon, at a spot between several families dining.

With haste, we got ourselves a 3/4ths of a kilo of boneless Lechon Head and several dim sum containers of Cabbage rolls and Bacon rolls. Everything was good, we were seated, and we dug in.

The Empress Roll was soggy and over cooked. The bacon roll too. The staff seems pressed for time and started to mess the orders of the others. It looked like a disaster.

Dimsum Break
Ayala Food Court 4th floor

A: 2/5

Service could be better. Food could be better. Overall experience is disappointing. I guess this is what you get from on the go restaurants, huh?

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