Hong's Family Korean Restaurant

I remember the time when Korean restaurants were scarce here in Cebu and there were only a handful of places where you'd see Koreans out and about. But now, almost everywhere you go you'd see them parading themselves like ants on a line.

The good thing about it is that, if there are more Koreans in the area, then that would mean that there are Korean restaurants nearby. And if what I think is right, that would mean that there would be All-you-can-eat Samgyupsal!

I'm fond of it because for an average price of 300, you could eat all the meat you want, that already comes with several refillable side dishes. That totally rocks, a value for our money deal.

Anyway, my family decided to visit the place after our favorite Korean dining place closed permanently. We were greeted by the all too familiar smoke from the grilling meat. It was strange to walk inside a slightly slippery floor, maybe the owner forgot to mop the place or maybe I just have oiled  shoes?

We were seated by a rather cheerful waitress who was quite patient with us even though we had her going back and forth the kitchen. The side dish for the day was pickled bean sprouts, kimchi, pickled cabbage, lettuce leaves to wrap the meat with, the mandatory bowls of soup. and one serving of rice per person.
The meal ended with us having had at least six plates of sliced meat, happy faces, and bloated bellies. It was a pleasant enough place, and the Korean lady owner was polite enough.

Hong's Family Korean Restaurant
IT park Lahug

A: 3/5

I'm quite confused why they have air conditioning when the whole place has smoke from all the grilling. The place seems okay.

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