Maitré Chocolatier

Among the restaurants that we have not eaten yet in Ayala, Maitré Chocolatier is probably one of the most curious of them all. Situated beside the old space of Healthy Options and below Hukad in Ayala Terraces, this restaurant boasts its use of chocolate in dishes listed in their menu.

Curious as to how they would add the "secret" ingredient to dishes like pork chops and pizza, we checked out the place while there was still very little people inside.

The ambiance was that of a cozy cafe decorated with quotes and facts about chocolates. Not to mention several boxes of imported cocoa products by the far wall of the establishment. The seats were cozy, and were clearly aimed for dating individuals or married mates.

We got the answer to our question when we did get our orders on the table. My sister had a serving of grilled pork chop with dark chocolate drizzles while I got myself a plateful of vegetarian pizza with white chocolate and a bowl of hot chocolate for the cool afternoon.

The service was quick and we enjoyed the ambiance altogether. We spent the remainder of the rainy afternoon to wait it out and chill.

The hot chocolate was good, in my opinion. A bit thick for my tastes, but it sufficed. I'll give them brownie points for the added chocolate chip cookie~!

 The pork chop wasn't that exceptional because it didn't even have a distinctive chocolate taste on it.

Oh, I forgot to add. This is where this restaurant shines: dessert. We both had a lava cake to share. It was sweet and somewhat bitter; understandable because of the dark chocolate used in it. It was a balance between hot and cold with a scoopful of vanilla ice cream on top of a biscuit. It also had this screen-like layer of hardened chocolate while there was a generous amount of chocolate all around it. It was really good!

Maitré Chocolatier
Ayala Terraces, Cebu

A: 3.5/5

The food is still hit and miss. There are some that tastes great, and some that tastes mediocre. I like the concept though!

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