A Cafe

It was lunch time and the sun was hot upon our heels, and my sister had a meeting afterwards so we took ourselves for a treat to a restaurant we haven't visited yet. So, our solution to our dilemma was to try out A Cafe, part of the Abaca group of companies within the area.
The place was quaint, a little bit bigger than Phat Pho and the ambiance reminded me of a secret meeting place for people who liked privacy. It was good enough that it had plants growing as shelter at the patio for other the other guests, plus the tables and seats were arranged in a cozy manner.

Reading the menu, I figured that the menu specializes in breakfast items, particularly biscuits and eggs and bread. Their daily menu entitled Deli sandwich looked like half a loaf of french bread stuffed with greens and salmon and their secret sauces. The Eggs benedict was a plate full of sliced potatoes topped with fresh hot from the stove gravy and open faced sandwiches of bread, sunny side up eggs and smoked salmon. We also ordered a plate of buttermilk fried chicken with biscuits, much to my disappointment upon the recent knowledge that the last of the pork chop was bought by the previous patrons across where we were seated.

To top our lunch, we had a creamy bowl of creme brulee to share, as well as house teas and shake for use to enjoy.

A Cafe
Crossroads, Banilad

A: 3/5

Probably a lot of improvements here and there. I wasn't impressed by the buttermilk chicken; it was as if there was something. The deli sandwich tastes like a regular half sub. The eggs benedict was probably the best order among the food we ordered. The Creme brulee tasted like a richer version of Leche Flan, with a layer of caramelized sugar at the top. My sister tells me that it's not one of the best creme brulees out there

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