As we were waiting for Phat Pho to open, We visited Fung's which is technically a store away from the place we wanted to try out. It was a spacious place, with several chairs and tables arranged in a typical Chinese fashion. Interestingly, this noodle house also serves several dim sum and other specialty seafood dishes.

With only less than half an hour left of waiting, we decided to kill time by ordering Hakaw Shrimp dim sum. To go with that, we also got ourselves a plate of radish cake. My sister also found out that the restaurant serves the popular Siao Long Pao, a dim sum order with soup base inside the wrapper. 

The Hakaw shrimp's flavour was almost non existent, but as a consolation it did have real shrimp unlike other dim sums. The radish cake had plenty of flavor though. Not to mention the sauce that comes with it. The Siao Long Pao was served to use hot, and it did have a good amount of soup inside. I have nothing to compare it to, so I guess for now, I reserve its judgment.

Another plus for this restaurant is that the chill sauce is great. If you're a tea enthusiast, they also serve brewed house tea and peanuts as you wait for your food.

Fung's Noodle House
Crossroads Banilad

A: 4/5

Definitely will come back and try their other dishes. The dishes are decently priced. 

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