It was one hectic morning, with so many things to do and traffic running heavily in the background, when we decided to stop by Marina mall to visit a specific branch of Zubuchon near the airport. This particular branch, unlike its brothers and sisters, serve seafood freshly caught from the ports and delivered on the day it was taken.

Of course, what is a Zubuchon branch without its trademark Zubulechon? Yup, the crackling roast pig is still part of its ever expanding range of dishes MarketMan has in store for his customers even for this joint.

We visited this place a little close to twelve o'clock and were surprised that there was a "fish bar" north of the main door. That said, the management mentioned that it's there to showcase the fresh catch of the day. Curious, we were seated and decided to buy our usual order of seaweed platter and a kilo of boneless roast pig belly. To add to that, we also had ourselves a seafood platter and a serving of salmon sashimi.

The seafood platter arrived in a timely manner and there was scallops, tanigue, shrimp. squid and fried fish skin. The squid and the shrimp seemed to be overcooked, and so are the scallops, but the fish and the fish skin was just right.

For once, the seaweed platter that we ordered had the complete set (guso, lukot, lato) as compared to other branches of this restaurant.

The sashimi plate seemed a bit disappointing because of the ginger that was placed under the fish, which ruined the taste of the salmon. In Japanese restaurants, they add pickled ginger sparingly to the dish as a means to cleanse your palate. The ginger placed seemed to overdo it altogether.

Marina Mall

A: 3.75/5

The food is satisfactory, save for the overcooked seafood and the sashimi plate. It's too far from Cebu city though, for us to go back to this place.

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