Tex Rex

You don't see any American outdoors-inspired restaurant in this city yet, and the best thing you'd find for a good grill is AA's Grill, which is a far cry from this restaurant's . That said, something about Tex Rex makes it different from your regular run-of-the-mill grill houses. It's not about the sauce (well, part of it is, but I'll get back to that later) but the way it is grilled.

Instead of the usual way grilled meat tastes, Tex Rex's meat are infused with this a deep, smoky flavor that emboldens each bite. They have a wide plethora of dishes that you can choose from that keeps you  coming back for more.

We came here upon browsing new eats on the internet and found this neat gem in one of the expat forums we lurk around in. The family has just finished their obligations for the day and we decided to hunt for this place in Mandaue to sate our piqued interest for this "new" restaurant.

The place was moderately sized, with several sets of wooden surfaces laden with condiments in the middle of each table. The ambiance of the place feels a bit western, with horse saddles and animal hides hanging on the wall. There is a huge mirror on the far east of the place, just before the divider that leads to the maintenance closet and the washroom, with a huge imprint of TEX REX in bold white. It is a decent, not counting the on-going construction on the street.

They serve a number of dishes here at Tex Rex. The entrees they serve include ribs, roast chicken, pork shoulder, beef brisket all cooked with their secret process until tender. If you're not feeling hungry enough a large serving of their food, they have set meals with enough amounts for one person. Or, if you're really looking to just having a small meal instead, they have burgers and sandwiches for all.

Tex Rex
888 A.S. Fortuna St., Bercede Cmpd., Banilad, Mandaue City

A: 4.5/5

This is probably one of the best places to go to if you're tired of the local grilled flavor of fresh food. We had pulled pork, grilled chicken, pork shoulder and beef brisket to go with mashed potato and veggies.

Their beef brisket is definitely the way to go and is the best of the food they serve. Quite full in flavor and soft, you'd definitely want to eat some more. I think the reason why people dislike the food here is that they ate it too long and had it to cool down before digging in? Or maybe they just got a bad batch? It would be better to switch a few of their sauces around or completely separate the sauces for their customer's discretion, as the food tastes good on its own.

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