New Orleans

With several banners advertising its opening to the public, the gang and I decided to give this place a visit because we've been hoping to try it since its conceptualization stage. There weren't a lot of customers so we were happily seated on a couch for comfort.

The ambiance of the place was unique; painted black with several colorful paintings and masks and beads. There were several impressionistic paintings on the walls that painted the gist of what New Orleans's nightlife looked like. The background music were select songs in their jazz versions and sometimes purely instrumental.

The food were a bit pricey, especially the meat and other main dishes. The affordable ones were offered in their appetizers and sides, some of which we ordered. For our appetizers, we had Oyster Rockefeller, which was oyster baked in cheese and spices, and a hefty serve of swamp cheesecake, a mixture of cream cheese, veggies, and meat served by slice on top of a plate of gravy.

After our appetizers, we had a  large bag of seafood boil with a cup of swamp rice, a very filling everglades jambalaya that had chicken, sausages, and meat in it, and a tray of barbecue sampler, that had grilled corn, chicken, and ribs.

New Orleans
Ayala Center Cebu

A: 2.5/5

Quality control. The first serving of Oyster Rockefeller was absolutely revolting because it had a long strand of hair included in the dish. I'm guessing the chefs of this place do not use hairnets for this fiasco to happen. The Jambalaya was very intense and satisfying. The barbecue sampler was a bit disappointing because it wasn't even that exceptional for its price.  They were kind enough to serve my sick mother some clear soup, though. Also this place is very pricey.

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