Grand Convention Center

We visited this restaurant after remembering that Grand Convention  Center has once again opened its door to the locals after its very busy renovation that lasted for a few months. The new place had a contemporary new look updated to the times, with several lighting fixtures and a spacious parking lot.

We arrived here just in time before the throng of families arrived to dine at this place. Our timely arrival got us a comfortable couch seat facing most of the tables and a strategic view of the buffet arrangement by the northeast. They had a wide variety of dishes ranging from European, Chinese, and Japanese.

Compelled to sample each dish available at the present, it took me several trips to finally collect a tiny bit of each dish but giving particular attention to the sashimi bar where they serve thick tuna and salmon slices for those who requested.

I could definitely say that i was impressed by their Chinese fare as they had very exquisite tastes that were definitely true to their origins. Their dimsum were top notch, and so were their noodles that used traditional Asian herbs for spice. Alas, delicious their grub maybe, their international food were below the bar as most of them were too dry or over sauced. The desserts were also below average and tasted too sweet and tasted artificial.

Grand Majestic
Grand Convention Center, Archbishop Reyes

A: 3/5

i think the food was half exceptional, as there were several dishes of Chinese origin available for their guests. The price is a little too high for my tastes, and there are other restaurants that are value for money compared to this restaurant. I think the people who eat here are the loyal patrons of old coming from rich Chinese families who transact business at this place.

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