Maya Restaurant

 Finally on our first visit here at Maya, my sister and I decided to be one of the earliest patrons to come to the place. This restaurant, it seems, is a drinking/hangout place for local and foreigners alike.

No wonder they only open at dusk.

We were well received and was led to a comfortable place on the second floor near the corner couch opposite to the bar. The area was huge and there were several couches that fitted to their customers' needs.

The menu has several pica-pica that goes well with the wide array of liquor that they sell, from wine to hard drinks and authentic Tequila made in Mexico that you won't compare to those cheap American made bottles.

 What I liked about this restaurant is that the ambiance is very enchanting, with Mexican music keeps playing in the background.

We had seafood ceviche, a bowl of guacamole, a serving of soft taco, and a very filling plate of crispy tijuana burrito.

Most of the dips here come with complementary chips and crackers, and these are quite delicious because they are light and crispy. I couldn't ask for more, to be honest.

The soft tacos were a disappointment, though, because there was too little meat in it that it isn't worth calories (especially if you're on a strict diet.)  The burrito was very heavy, with rice beans cheese and other greens Not recommended if you still want to move or you wouldn't want to fart in public.

To end the meal, my sister decided to get a plate  of Leche Flan, which is some sort of egg custard that the Spanish loved. I also sampled a shot of their tequila, two bottles of beer and a margarita.

Maya Restaurant
Crossroads Banilad

A: 3.75/5. Not a dining place, but a drinking place where you get to socialize with friends. Probably a nice place for a "Boy's night out."

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