Mother's Fried Chicken

 We were actually curious as to how this restaurant still manages to stay afloat when other establishments their age have already closed down and moved on so we decided to pay this place a visit.

Siting at the third floor of Ayala Center Cebu, within walking distance from Metro Department Store, Mother's Fried Chicken has been home to several home cooked dishes for the past decade.

Although not as old as Sunburst, I suppose people come back here for the familiar taste of home like how Ma used to cook. On the plus side, you could really imagine home cooked meals here from the food that we ordered. It's like a blast from the past for me.

The food itself is less than desirable to look at, with no effort to make it look more appetizing. The sides of the eggs were burnt, and the sauce of the burger steak looked fatty (I was right, it had too much butter and grease in it). The chicken looked like it was cooked vigorously and the noodles were very dry. And the iced tea that comes with the set meals were too sweet for my taste.

Dessert was very much the same thing. 

The leche flan was too rigid and had too many holes, i think they added egg whites here.

Mother's Fried Chicken
Ayala Center Cebu

A: 2/5 While the food is borderline mediocre, it makes up for its very affordable prices and cozy atmosphere. We had 4 dishes and a dessert that cost us only 500 pesos. It is very cheap!

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