SGD Tofu House

after a hike at rancho san antonio, i joined the hiking group for some korean lunch at this place. it was recommended by one of the hikers. she said it's the only good korean restaurant around that area. a sample of seven different korean side dishes were served. i only liked the fish strips and kimchi. tofu soup with beef and clams was also served. it was fine, not remarkable. i got the bbq beef and vegetables with fried egg over rice bowl. the beef wasn't tasty. the korean air bibimbop even beats this restaurant's bibimbop. two of my companions ordered bbq pork. they both hated it since it had a lot of fatty cuts. the rest of the group ordered bibimbob in stoneware. i didn't hear them say good things about their orders.

Verdict: 1/5 (it's possible their soft tofu dishes are their specialty. it's a tofu house after all!)

SGD Tofu House
3450 El Camino Real #105
Santa Clara, CA 95051

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