Pizza Republic

 Pizza Republic is one of the newly opened restaurants here in Cebu that is almost always full thanks to their innovative way to presenting and serving pizza to the local masses.

Situated right across Golden Cowrie, this restaurant is strategically located at the corner of La Guardia street that only takes about 10 minutes of slow paced walking to IT Park. The restaurant is filled most of the time with students and professionals alike, who are interested to grab a quick bite and some relaxation in between or after school/work. 

The inside of the restaurant looks like it came straight from a busy army cafeteria teeming with people happily chatting. 

Although they have no "real" menu and leaves most of the decision making in decorating the pizzas to their patrons, this restaurant still maintains a strict high quality standard of cleanliness and and organization in presenting their toppings. 

What I like about this restaurant is that there is a wide array of toppings to choose from with at least 4 cheese toppings to utilize. Not only that, the establishment also has several vegetables, pork, chicken, and seafood for the picky eater. No more complaints from the peeps who hate anchovies in their bite!

Pizza Republic
Salinas Drive corner La Guardia St.

A: 5/5
I like the establishment, the ambiance, and the way food is presented. It also doesn't take long for your own pizza to be cooked in their brick oven, in less than 10 minutes tops. The rustic look of the place feels right and the cleanliness is observed by the staff.

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