Tajimaya 168 Ramen House

Tajimaya 168 Ramen House is situated in the vicinity where several establishments of the Abaca Group of Companies are located. Sitting between Maya and A Cafe, this restaurant is comfortably nestled at the corner of Crossroads strip, the only one that offers patrons a chance to partake in their all-you-can-eat deal. For 450 bucks, each patron could eat as much squid ball, shrimp, beef and pork slices, chicken, and pork sausages.

We went there with my sister's friend, who was craving for some late night Japanese food. The place was packed and hectic. We had to wait for a few minutes to get seated. I still wonder if the place was really that good with the amount of people dining at this hub.

Anyhow, the ambiance is pleasant enough and we had our own booth to eat in, instead of an open table like many other restaurants that offer all you can eat deals. It was comforting to be given our own privacy.

All in all, our dining experience was okay. The service was so-so too. The price was a little too expensive though, and I can say a few restaurants that are reasonably cheaper than this.

Tajimaya 168 Ramen House
Crossroads, Banilad


A: 2.5/5

Pricey. I guess we didn't order the dishes they specialize in? 

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