Lemon Tree

 One drizzling Sunday afternoon, just before we went to church, we drove by IT Park to visit the fairly new restaurant named Lemon Tree Fusion Restaurant. It was a spacious place that used to be occupied by La Tegola a few months back.

What caught my attention was the laid back atmosphere of the place and the playing slideshow of different pictures that covers several topics from depression to love and so on. There were also several pose mannequins that are part of the design they incorporated as a theme.

For starters, we were given a complementary plate of crisp tortilla topped with tomato and herb garnishing dashed with a hearty serving of olive oil.

Next came a plate of clam pasta, which I think was too salty. On the plus side, the dish came with real clam. Another appetizer dish we ordered was this plate of tortilla roll-ups that vaguely reminds me of phat pho's Goi Cuon (fresh spring roll). It comes with a sweet dip that neutralizes the salty tang of our earlier meal.

Our disappointment came when we were informed that the Gorgonzola pizza was currently unavailable. So instead, we ordered an whole platter of Seafood pizza instead. As an additional order, we also asked for a bacon and mushroom pizza (which came with a whole fried egg! How peculiar!). 

Altogether, the pizza was a very curious experience. The crust had sweet potato that made the eating the an very worthwhile endeavor. What used to be a boring task of eating the supposed to be bland end of the crust, is now a healthy and enjoyable experience.

Lemon Tree Fusion Restaurant
IT Park 

A: 3/5

The dishes are hit and miss. They have a lot of improvements to do to be better, but i'll give them props for their ambiance.

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