Portos Diner and Grille

 While waiting for mom to finish with her Church meeting, we decided to cruise around the Escario area for a place to chill and pass by time. It was until later that my sister remembered several restaurants were located near the Capitol, just neighbors with Zubuchon.

Portos is situated in a a cozy corner beside a small bakeshop with a scenic view of an empty but spacious parking lot with several trees planted on the side.

What's interesting about this restaurant are the items in their menu. Uniquely named dishes like "Big Mama" and "Bangers and Mash" are certain to grab your attention. If that wasn't enough, their wide array of main course is sure to bring in the crowd with so much food to choose from.

The ambiance of the place feels like you've been thrown back into the 90s, with several of the popular songs from way back playing in the background. The backdrop is minimalistic in design and is without a doubt simplistic and functional. There is little space in this restaurant, however, that only a few tables could fit inside (give or take 6-7 tables, excluding the ones outside).

For refreshments, we had a whole pitcher of Citrus Cooler to stave off our thirst. Our appetizer was a plate of Fire Wings, which had more spice than usual, as requested.

It was good.

And really spicy.

 Within minutes, our individual orders arrived; O'Neil's Baby Back Ribs for brother, one plate of Big Mama for my sister, and a Southern Style Grilled Pork Chop.

 I was really impressed with the food here. Each individual dish had their unique flavor that lingers on your mouth. The meat is tender and cooked just right. The ribs were cooked tender that it could easily be torn into pieces with your spoon and fork. The beef cut for the Big Mama was tender enough too, with a hint of spice that leaves you hanging for more. It even comes with its own gravy on a shot glass as it lies on top of a moderate pile of fries. My Pork Chop was done fine too, with a serve of buttery gravy to go with it and a morsels of fresh vegetables on top.

It's a great place to hang out and chill while listening to the vibes on the in-house speakers. The food is good and affordable too.

 Portos Diner and Grille

A: Definitely a 4/5.
Nice view and decent food are what makes a good restaurant. Not a place to check your emails because there's no wi-fi. Also bring cash. Credit card is not available for this establishment. 

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