Fairly fresh on the bubble tea race, Serenitea's branch at IT Park Lahug offers an wide range of delicious freshly brewed tea mixed to perfection. There were no gimmicks, no fancy labels and names, no blatantly annoying bright lights. It was a drink presented in its barest form. For those looking for a stronger caffeine hit, patrons can get coffee based beverages at an affordable price.

There were several flavors to choose from, and a variety of tastes one could sample. Personally, I prefer drinks that have a subtle hint of caffeine but big on other flavors.

I also like experiencing new tastes and discovering new things that excite the taste buds.

We've been visiting this place for the umpteenth time, and frankly, of all the other bubble tea places, this has got my vote.

It Park

A: 4/5

This place had a lot of flavors, with additions and sinkers you can add into your drink. You can also have the option to reduce the sugar level that they use upon your request. Also, their drinks are always made everyday with the freshest ingredients to make sure your needs are met with the highest quality.

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