Mayflower cafe

We were looking for a parking slot within Capitol area today when we passed by this place. I remember the early years where we'd buy food from this place. It looked different from back then. What used to be an old dingy pension house was transformed into a less gloomy environment friendly place that emphasizes caring for the environment that we live in.

Table napkins were substituted with cloth napkins and they even have a mini garden with a small pond for decorative fish and turtles to live in. What makes it very interesting is that they even have a small areas for children now and several shelves of books and magazines for public reading.

The food on their menu isn't a lot. If you're expecting a large meal after your journey to get to this place, prepare to be disappointed. Mayflower cafe have shrunk the food they prepare to only a few select easy to prepare dishes for their customers. In fact, my sister had herself a meal of fried dilis and rice that comes with a side of egg. My mother ordered for herself a serving of sisig, while I had a plate of pork liempo to go with my mug of hot chocolate. As a side, we also ordered a plate of eggplant relleno.


The food was okay, if you're asking. Sister liked her dilis so much. Mom did like the sisig we ordered for her. The pork liempo that I had had very little meat (5-6 pieces of sliced pork? ha-ha).

Mayflower Cafe
Capitol area


A: I'll give them a 3/5 for effort and concept. The food could be presented a little bit better to make up for the very little serving size.

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