My sister and mother decided to visit the newly renovated Majestic here at SM City Cebu one rainy day to taste their tried and tested Chinese recipes.

It's nice how Majestic has undergone so many renovations that they now finally settled with a new and refreshing look for their latest opening as opposed to their previously gloomy appeal.

 But wait a minute. I didn't come here in my little corner of the interwebs to talk about that, no sir. I'm here to talk about how good their food are and if they still got it. 

When I arrived from my errands for the day, the food were already served, steaming hot from the kitchen. Two plates of cabbage rolls and a serving of chicken feet dimsum for starters. 

A plate of Crispy Noodles and a large bowl of Hot and Sour soup followed soon after. 

For the main dish, they ordered a regular sized Patatim, the Chinese equivalent for pork roast, that comes with a freshly baked loaf of Cuapao, or sweet bread.

The meal was pleasant enough in my opinion and the sauces to complement the food were really nice. I think they were a bit stingy in giving them to their customers because we were given these small saucers with small amounts of spice in them.

    The crispy noodles were indeed crispy enough when it was served. I think there's too much sauce on top of it that it lost its crisp almost immediately as soon as we mixed the toppings together.

The hot and sour soup was somewhat a disappointment. It wasn't sour in the least, but it generated enough heat in our mouths. This dish also had a plentiful amount of shiitake mushrooms in it, which is a good thing. 

Dessert came and we had for ourselves a serve of buchi, a small circle of Leche Flan and a chilled cup of Mandarin Orange in lychee syrup. 

I'm pleased that they were able to perfect the recipe for buchi, not too greasy, but crispy while not sacrificing the filling. The orange cup tasted like medicine, from the artificial syrup in it. And for the leche flan, I'll be 50-50 with this. The flan itself is perfect, however the sauce is what destroys the dish altogether thanks to its bitterness.

SM City Cebu


A: 3.5/5
There needs to be a few improvements here and there, but I can safely say that they still got it.

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