Ice Castle

We visited Ayala on a rainy afternoon just when there was a huge inter-school accounting competition going on at that time so we decided to visit Ice Castle on the 4th floor just beside Flame It!. It was a noisy event filled afternoon and we just walked inside to get some reprieve from the screaming and the cheering of the students out to cheer for their representatives.

At this time, we seated ourselves by the window area that looks out into the wide area of the Terraces. The place had a splendid view of green and the tall buildings within the vicinity that was quite relaxing, really.

I for myself, had this super Halo Halo, which was their trademark dessert, while my sister had a bowl of Super Buco, which is composed of young coconut meat, corn flakes, and two scoops of ice cream and a plate of double pork chops.

The food was so-so and nothing spectacular. The pork-chops were small, and the Buko was disappointingly not worth it.  It was a simple enough dish that didn't have any sort of zing to it to make it special. 

Ice Castle
4th floor Ayala Center Cebu

A: 2/5

I guess this place is only good for desserts. But even then, the trademark we've tried isn't even that good...

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