No matter how beautiful and pleasant the ambiance of the restaurant is, noisy patrons will always ruin the atmosphere of the restaurant.

This happened to us just as we were visiting this new watering hole just beside Chika-an in Salinas Drive. Brique, the name of said restaurant, was a two-floored hub with that has a unique modernist feel to it. Contrary to the hip design, the background music played songs from the 60s and 70s, as well as mellow ones done by Norah Jones, among others.

 The place was crowded, and we were almost unlucky enough to not have a spot for ourselves if not for the early arrival of our brother who reserved a table for us.

For starters, we had a serving of bread with a steaming cup of cheesy spinach dip. For our main course, we had a plate of pork chops, Angus beef simmered in beer, Filipino beef jerky, and a hearty serve of pork belly strips.

The food in itself were great, even though the serving size was small enough for the hungry souls. The meat was flavorful and tender, offering no resistance as you chew on the strands on your fork.   The garlic rice has a neat accent to the dish that makes the food all the more alluring.

 But you know, even though they have affordable meals compared to other restaurants, nothing prepared me when dessert was served.

The restaurant has a different way of re-imagining dessert as we know it. Halo halo as a chilly shaved ice treat? Nope! This place serves it in cake form. Never thought cheesecake and flan could mix? Here, it's possible! Finally, bibingka Creme Brulee. It's literally Creme Brulee with a very Filipino twist.

In short, this place is a must try for their desserts.

Salinas Drive

A: 3/5
I love the food even though the serving is on the small side. The desserts are great too. The ambiance sucked when we visited, because there was a group of rowdy customers a few tables away from us. Plus most of the servers were not very attentive to the customer's needs.

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