Ice Giants

As soon as we were finished with our meal, we visited this place for a few good reasons. One, someone was blocking the driveway of our park. Two, it was one of the neighboring establishments. Three, My sister wanted to try it out there.
What I liked about this place is the number of assorted desserts to choose from. For those who haven’t had a proper meal yet, fear not! Ice Giants also offers homemade meals like fried chicken, pasta, and pizza. For a huge group, they boast a huge 3kg worth of sweets served in a huge bowl.
Being so full,  I only had enough room to fit a choco berry giant for myself while my sister wanted to sample their three piece chicken platter served with fries and a moderate bowl of blueberry and peach Halo-Halo.
The chicken platter arrived at a later time, with our dessert bowl almost empty already. The timing should have been reversed of sorts.

Ice Giants
Osmena Boulevard, Capitol

A: 3.5/5
The fruits served here are mostly the canned variety, most of which you could easily tell from the artificial sweetened syrup it once swam in before.  The timing of the food should also be taken into consideration, main course first before dessert. The desserts that they serve are good though, and I could definitely see myself coming back in the near future.

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