Pearl Meat Shop

As soon as I finished the last class of the day, my sister picked me up from school in and had us both visit this fairly new restaurant located within walking distance from Cebu Doctors’ Hospital. It was an open-air restaurant with several tables and chairs for their patrons.
Interestingly, aside from selling fresh frozen meat of specialized slices, the place also caters to patrons who would like to grab a bite of their offered products. They sell what most Korean grill shops usually sell, thinly slices pork and beef.
However, unlike the traditional Korean grill shops that we go to, this restaurant demands that the patrons should be limited to the amount of meat that they purchased. Say, for example you ordered one serving of bacon slices that amounts to only 160 grams, you could no longer ask for another refill of meat.
The side dishes that they serve are also limited to very few choices: sautéed vegetable, kimchi, a bowl of soup, and some fresh lettuce for the grilled meat.
They have a very small menu, at most three to four pages, listing the prices of the meat, adding some rice meals (bibimbap), and the drinks section. Aside from three serves of meat, we also got ourselves a bowl of hot ramen, just to taste the difference.

Pearl Meat Shop
Osmena Boulevard, Capitol

A: 3.5/5
The Kimchi that they served was really sour, as if it intended as a soup base. The meat serving size was a bit disappointing, (or maybe we were just used to all you can eat Korean restaurants.)

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