We came to Carnivore after our curiosity got the better of us one windy afternoon. The setup reminded me vaguely of a somewhat similarly arranged vietnamese restaurant located at crossroads, where we shared and enjoyed meals together with friends and family alike. Anyhow, the place was amply lit, and the cool air from the air-conditioning unit is one to be thankful for on one of the hotter afternoons in the city.

What drew my attention is that they have a constantly changing menu that varies every week, aside from the chef special that they offer to their customers. My sister decided to sample that (lamb shank) while i got for myself a slab of beef from bukidnon. We had the option to choose which of the three sides (rice, fries, salad) we'd like for our dishes.

The waitress and chefs were courteous enough to answer our queries when it came to their food. For appetizers, we had a platter of "maskara" poutine, fries topped with chunks/melted mozarella cheese and bits of seasoned pork mask. Our main course arrived soon after we finished our poutine, with our chosen salad and rice sides on the respective plates.

What i liked about this restaurant is that there is a set amount of time before their menu is revised completely. I find it arguably so because the variety is what makes it refreshing to their patrons. So if you have a particular dish that you like on the week you visited, it might not be there anymore when you return for the next.



A: 3.75/5
The lamb shank was a better order of the two, because it was in several layers more flavorful than the beef shank. Plus the strong aftertaste of lamb has completely vanished, making it clearly a superior choice compared to the tasteless beef that solely depends on the toppings.

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