Manggahan is one of those cozy friday night out places you should definitely visit if you're looking to chill, relax and enjoy some local band music. Located a few hundred meters away from the entrance of Camp Lapu-Lapu, this place offers cheap food and district fare for locals and foreigners alike.

I was quite pleased with this place not only because of the affordable food but also for the cleanliness of the establishment. We were even seated comfortably by the window, free of smoke from the barbecue being cooked outside. What's even more surprising is that the place is fully air-conditioned for its guests.

We ordered a platter of garlic fried rice to pair with the isaw, chicharong bulaklak, chicken skin, and bicol express and fish kinilaw that we ordered. The grilled meat were delicious while the others were not too shabby. The chicharong bulaklak was a little too salty and the bicol express was a bit strange (the sauce tasted like gravy with a tiny hint of coconut milk) for my tastes.

Overall, I think I was satisfied when we visited this place. I heard they have live bands every friday nights. I can't wait to check the place out again!


A: 3.75/5

Price is great, food is delicious. What's not to like?

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