Planet Grapes

One of the newer restaurants in Ayala is Planet Grapes, located at the 4th floor of the establishment just beyond the automatic sliding doors beyond Burger King. Or if you're entering through the new section, at the top of the waiting escalators. 

Planet Grapes, in a sense is a chill establishment that has good ambiance and a vast selection of wines. As opposed to another liquor hub a few steps away from it, this restaurant has a more relaxed atmosphere with carefully selected tunes that melts into the backdrop of the plaza. Neatly arranged wines are placed according to their individual classifications, from dinner wines to desert wines, all on the glass shelf.

What people may not believe is that this place also serves a variety of good food that not only is decently priced, but also delicious as well. I was at first hesitant about the quality but after coming back twice, I was convinced that even picky eaters will not be disappointed. My sister and I had the chance to sample their crispy pork bits meal and their interpretation of Pho to go with their trademark wine samplers, which is, six different kinds of wine. You also have the option to get one of their cheese and deli platter with the sampler, which features enough cheese and cold cut slices. To close the meal, we also had the pleasure of trying the Durian Creme Brulee and the sumptuous Ube Turon that really hit the spot.

If you're not convinced, the restaurant changes its menu and its wine selections monthly and holds wine classes for those interested in learning the tips and tricks of the savory liquor.

Planet Grapes: Wine Without The Drama
Ayala Center Cebu


A: 4.5/5
Crispy pork bits is a winner, with a bowl full of crisp pork rind with their sweet-sour vinegar. Their crab omelet in balsamic reduction doesn't skimp on crab meat and uses minimal extenders, but it leaves you wanting for more, which may be a bad thing if you've tasted a very flavorful version in the past (hello, Marketman!). Their dry version of Pho is very interesting, in the sense that they managed to retain the essence of what makes the dish Pho with proper use of spices.

Their deserts are nothing to stay clear off, as both Ube Turon and Durian Creme Brulee are excellent choices to close the meal.

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