Manang Fe's

Manang Fe's is located beside University of Southern Philippines in the middle of IT park and within walking distance to JY square. What surprises me about this restaurant is that they had the courage to go against the forerunner of grilled food here in Cebu by taking over Route Stop's spot. Granted, competing against AA's bbq is an uphill battle, I give them credit for doing so.
Manang Fe's is just like your ordinary grill shop with the exception them serving beer for those interested parties. It's location is convenient because it is one of the few places near a gas station and a car wash facility. Aside from the traditional pork belly, chicken backbone, they also sell isaw, chorizo and chicken skin. 
This restaurant has a large space for groups of diners looking to sample their dishes. What i liked about this restaurant is that they have a unique marinade where they let the raw meat settle for some time before the actual grilling.

On the downside, parking space here is scarce and the grill vents where the food is supposed to be cooked is non existent, making dining here a challenge due to the smoke wafting back inside.

Manang Fe's


Hygiene and cleanliness is an issue here because there were a lot of flies flying near the food when we visited this place.

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