Burger Joint

Aside from bigby's, burger joint is one of the few places where one could get fresh fried onion rings here in cebu. The place is Located within The Gallery in Mabolo and stands as burger machine's successor in selling affordable gourmet burgers for the masses. I visited this place with my mom and my sister, both of which were drawn in by rumors that say that this place sells the best onion rings. 

This restaurant is set upon a spacious parking lot shared by several other restaurants. Several patrons come here hailing from far away places just for the taste that they offer!

Anyhow, We ordered two large sized onion rings that were served in a medium sized basket while i had for myself a piece of bacon mushroom burger. My sister had a hungarian sausage overloaded with more bacon and caramelized onions.

The food itself was not bad; decently priced and fresh. There were other items that were expensive, but the others seem okay. Ambiance wise, there is not much to expect. What i like about this place is that you can opt to overload your sandwiches with more toppings for a small amount. 

Burger joint
The Gallery, Mabolo


A: 3.5/5

There seems to be something missing in their sandwiches that prevents me from giving it a bigger score. Maybe i was looking for something new, something exciting that sets them different from other burger stores.

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