Maple is a fairly new restaurant that opened late 2014, just a few steps away from Laguna Garden Cafe at the Ayala Center Terraces. Hailing from the Pancake house group, this restaurant specializes mostly in all day breakfast meals in addition to their entrees and main course meals.

As soon as we were seated on a booth, we took in the restaurant's ambiance that comprised of a unique elegance you'd find in your usual fancy restaurant. It was disappointing that the small space feels somewhat... limiting. The service was sub par too, given that we had call multiple times to get their attendants' attention. But i guess to make up for it, they gave us a small complimentary basket of bread while we wait.

For the main course, my companion had a huge plate of prime rib tapa while i had a chocolate cookie skillet. The prime rib tapa was HUGE. It looked like it took three quarters of the round plate that they gave us. The chocolate cookie skillet tasted like it was a brownie cup ala mode with a generous amount of dark chocolate below the refreshing vanilla ice cream.

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Just like it's mother company, Maple has pricey meals. I'm not entirely convinced if visiting this place is worth it. At the most, the budget for this restaurant is around 300-500 per dish, excluding the drinks which cost an extra hundred.

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