Big Tom's

Located within walking distance from BPI Escario, Big Tom's is one of the places where you can get cheap affordable burgers made fresh from 100% beef sirloin. Patrons can get the guarantee that the patties are prepared daily and never frozen, which can ruin the taste of the meat. If i could point how they got their 2013 best burger in town award, this way of preparation is probably the culprit of it all.

We managed to find this restaurant by accident after buying food from chicken tagala, that famous fried chicken place where many Cebu Doctor's Hospital staff eat during their lunch break. Big Tom's restaurant is ample sized with enough room for several tables and couches for their patrons. The ambiance of the place is pleasant and cozy, with several couches ready for use. Lighting fixtures are modified to incorporate empty bottles into the overall appeal of this modernist pub.

I ordered a mushroom bacon burger and an extra serve of fries to share while my siblings got for themselves a serve of deluxe mash burger. A few minutes later, we were handed our own orders all served in individual wooden chopping boards complete with our own utensils.
Food, check. Ambiance, check. Taste?

Because of the option to change the weight of the patty, this can be a good thing for those on a diet or for people who cannot finish a 6oz patty. This may, however, influence the taste that is in the beef. I'll give this place another try when the time allows it. But for now, let me finish the last few bites of my meal with their special hot sauce. Yum!

Big Tom's
Juana Osmeña st.


A: 3/5

Who gets the Best burger award? I'll vote for army navy over this restaurant anytime, if you ask me. The advantage of this place is that it's cheap and affordable and secluded, just the right place when you're looking to idle your day while you write your next book project. Big tom's burger is bland compared to army navy, but is definitely better than jollibee's hands down. It's taste is probably around flame it level, a little less than burger joint but above burger king and jollibee.

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