Located within walking distance from JY Square mall, Pino is a spacious restaurant in its third incarnation as an all-you-can-eat hub. We visited this place as we were heading home and we were not disappointed by what we saw. The place was refitted with new fixtures to make the old house look better and modern. There were chandeliers and mirrors and light all over the place. Not to mention the comfort rooms were fitted with modern equipment to better serve the needs of their patrons.

I have heard that the previous revivals of this restaurant were disagreeable: the first being too expensive and the second being too cheap. Apparently, this time around is the best of the three. The ambiance was just right and the appeal of the place had a hint of class and a bit of old refinement. Folk songs played in the background of this homey restaurant that gave extra points for the ambiance.

I was surprised when I found out that the buffet here is more affordable than many others in Cebu within its price range. The taste was nothing to scoff at, each dish offering a unique modern taste on a traditional Pinoy fare. There was Lechon, Ham, Fresh Oysters, Lomi, Laing, Siomai, Kare Kare and many more.

They have soup and salad for appetizer and not to mention a good selection of filipino desserts that range from banana-flan tart, Maja Blanca, bibingka, pichi pichi, and puto among others.

Lahug, Cebu

A: 4.75/5
Pino is great for its price of 399 per person. The food is delicious and interesting, and there will never be a boring moment. They have unlimited rounds of Iced Tea for their patrons to go with the meal. Majority of their food are addicting, all of which will make you come back for more. Their service is top notch too, so I don't think you'll go wrong here.

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