After the countless times we passed by this rustic Spanish restaurant standing in the midst of Ramos street, we finally decided one day to visit Ipar's. This restaurant stands beside several other business establishments but none of them can compare to this traditional Spanish restaurant.
The ambiance of the place is truly enchanting; I saw several paintings and flags hanging from the walls and ceiling while slow paced melodies of romantic articulations in Spain's native tongue wafted in the background. The designs were more of a mixture of traditional and contemporary: there was a tinge of familiarity and strangeness inside, as if one were stuck in between two different eras.

Upon claiming our reservation for lunch under my name, we were made to sit in of their massive furnishings made from sturdy tree trunks. Several of these were made to fit the dining area for their eager patrons. By the back of the entrance to the dining room, there was a rack of bottled goods, most of which were homemade sardines in corn oil and tomato. Both of which are sold at an affordable price of 100 pesos per bottle. They also sell a thick glass of pure honey for 350php. 

I was quite impressed by their wide selection of food here, ranging from staples such as bacalao (cod) to callos (ox tripe simmered in thick sauce). I was only disappointed by the fact that there are some dishes that are not available because the ingredients are out of stock.

We had an assortment of tapas for appetizer, all of which were delicious in their own right. The gambas was by far my sister's favorite whereas the chorizo was mine because it reminded me of the longganisa you can get from lucban. The Croquettas de pollo reminded me of a cheesy cordon bleú, but cheesier and piping hot.

The main dishes were their signature paella dela casa, an assortment of shrimp, squid, chicken, chorizo and pork. Their pollo asado al horno was baked just right with their juices still intact. We also ordered a serving bacalao, which basically salted cod fish stewed with tomatoes. We also had lengua estofada (ox tongue) and callos madrileños. 

To end the meal, all four of us shared a small round flan. Definitely the best flan i've tasted in my whole life. Better than max's!

F. Ramos Street

A: 4.25/5
Unique and authentic taste with several of their ingredients imported directly from Spain. There were dishes that are a bit salty, but you can never go wrong with his restaurant.

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