We visited this place after our trip from Bantayan island, with the help of my sister's officemate who brought us there with her van. It was like a continuation of our island vacation; bright skies, pleasant weather, lots of trees. It was like a paradise in the middle of nowhere with its own exclusive pathway, owned by a German-Filipina couple who managed to convert it into a restaurant/vacation place. The overall ambiance is very pleasant and easy on the eyes, because it makes you feel like you're living in a remote "hacienda" with the wide open space and garden all around.

What i like about this restaurant is that they make their own bread from scratch as well as other dishes. Most of their meat, such as the pork and duck, are raised locally and are guaranteed drug free. Their food are top notch and quite exquisite to taste. I had the priviledge to taste their beef roll (rouladen) and their pork loin, both of which are simmered just right in their creamy sauce. Their duck was also extravagant; tender and juicy with just the right amount of fat and meat.
Their desserts are nothing to laugh at, mind you! They bake their own pastries and churn their own ice cream. And they don't even sacrifice the taste. It was most delectable when we finally opened our loaf of lemon cake. At first i thought lightly of it, not even looking a bit appetizing. But when i placed a bite in my mouth, i was sure, that this they make GREAT desserts. 
The good thing is that they also deliver to people who want to sample their food. Specialty bread, meat, jams, you name it. Believe me, you won't regret eating here and going over your diet.

I sure didn't. 


Sogod, Cebu

A: 5/5

Finally, one of the new places to eat where i won't hesitate to give a full star rating. The price, the ambiance, and the service is very much worth it.

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