A&W Steak House

Located within a few steps away from BPI Escario, this restaurant is a fairly new contender in the food business. It sits between several offices and offers a small number of dishes to their patrons. Their selling point is their food's affordability and their colorful sweet bubble teas.

I'm not sure if you have to option to have additional "sinkers", but I'm not so hot about sweet drinks. We ordered a plateful of ribs, beef salpicao and grilled porkchop. The ambiance of the place feels quaint and homey, with the radio playing in the background. There were enough tables for a few people with the small space available. The service was fast and the staff in charge was pleasant too. 

The tender ribs order we had came with a scoopful of ice cream, which was nice, as i found the lava cake that mom ordered quite lacking. The salpicao that sister got screamed of commercial flavoring that it doesn't taste appetizing at all. Sister's plate of porkchop tasted okay, it could have been better spiced though.

Overall, this place offers quick chow at affordable prices though their limited menu may seem underwhelming.

A&W Steak House
Escario St.

A: 2.75/5
There's plenty of room for improvement, and there's so much that can be done to elevate the taste to another level. The serving portion is commendable.

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