Zark's burger

Mom and I finally visited this place after buying a new set of fans for our rooms because several of them decided to overheat and die for the summer. After depositing our purchases in the car, we proceeded to the upper ground floor where the place is situated near the vicinity of our favorite Japanese restaurant in SM Cebu.

Zark's Burger is one of the better burger joints back in manila with so many branches scattered all over the metro. And after hearing so much about it from folks, we secretly wished that the place did not disappoint. And it didn't, thank goodness.

Anyhow, the ambiance of the place is good, and service is spot on. The design on the wall was what you could expect from a burger shop; a zoom in of one of their specialty burgers with fries on the side. Their menu has an extensive list of burgers; there was a variety of catchy names like "Tombstone" and "Jawbreaker", to a bacon wrapped burger.

The food arrived at a timely manner; Mom got for herself a Blue cheese burger while I got myself a Zark's ultimate burger. the staff were courteous enough to refill our glasses with water when we ran out too. The food itself is loads better than jollibee or burger king with their secret "langhap sarap" flavor (something I would prefer not to have in any of my meals due to the taste lingering hours after your meal).

Zark's burgers
SM City Cebu

Verdict: 4.5/5
A: Pretty spot on on how a burger should taste. Burgers on par with better tasting burger places like "burger joint" and "flame it!" Would definitely visit soon.

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