Anzani ravioli
Linguine vongole
Arborio with baby mix seafood risotto
Giant octopus
Grilled pork chop
Spinach dough flatbread
Homemade tortelli

Situated in the scenic landscape of nivel hills on the way to marco polo, Anzani is one of the chic Mediterranean restaurants here in Metro Cebu. We made a reservation prior to our arrival just to make sure our group of seven can fit properly without waiting for a table. The place is fairly spacious, with several tables available inside the establishment as well as their outdoor dining area.

My sister and I were the first to arrive and decided to be seated outside instead of the fairly stuffy private section of the place. Not that it smelled bad, but it was just a bit claustrophobic and reminded us of white hospital walls.

For starters, we ordered anzani's house wine to be paired with a serving of Arborio seafood risotto, spinach dough flatbread, and grilled giant octopus. Our companions had anzani ravioli, linguine vongole, a huge plate of grilled pork chop and homemade tortelli. We also ordered an additional plate of ricotta filled canneloni from the adjacent restobar, Bellini.

What i liked about this place is that the service was prompt and the waiters were  attentive to our needs. Our glasses were always filled with wine or water. Also, we were given complimentary baked bread at the start as appetizer, to which we dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Food here is pricey. Serving wise, it looks small and taste wise it fails our expectations. Maybe because we were expecting something that would wow us for that much? Or maybe you're just paying for the ambiance? I'd never know.

Nivel hills

A: 3/5

Not completely pleased, but it was a good experience altogether since we have had a great time with friends. 

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