Tori Ichi Yakitori Bar

Festival Mall has a whole new section by the riverside which they’ve been developing for quite some time now and it has recently been opened to the public. And as crazed southerners, my sister and I checked it out and found this restaurant: Tori Ichi Yakitori Bar.

We ordered a bunch of food from their menu: Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Enoki Mushroom Bacon, Asparagus Bacon, and their Shio Ramen. The sashimi slices were decently cut, presented neatly, and the most important part, it’s fresh. The shio ramen was just ok, nothing jumping out of the bowl, just some pork slices, onion leeks, bean sprouts, and a quarter of a boiled egg. The mushroom and asparugus bacon could use more crispiness as they were a bit soggy and feels like they’ve been sitting on the counter for a while.

Verdict: 1/5
This is a new restaurant and we might have caught them during their soft opening. Given the location (near parking and amphitheater), there’s a possibility we'll give it another shot, just not anytime soon.

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