St Marc Café

I remember saying here before that I like having dessert any time of the day, because it’s dessert! So while being trapped by the number coding scheme in place in Metro Manila (it was a Thursday then and my car plate ends with 8), we had to look for a resto where we could have a quick bite, just to burn the 2hr window from 6-8pm. So St Marc Café was the winner among 3 finalists.

Looking at their display, I can’t imagine someone passing by without giving it a second look. I mean, look at it! The desserts are screaming for you! For your name! And if you just pass by, man, you’ve got no love. You’re dead in the bones. Haha!

So. Among the selection, I chose the Choco Berry Celebration sundae. It had rice crispies at the bottom, which I found weird, because it eventually turned soggy because of the sundae. It’s topped with strawberry slices, sliced almonds, a chocolate wafer sticks, and a panna cotta. Finally, it’s drizzled with chocolate sauce. It’s not too sweet, too!

Verdict: 3.5/5
For 250Php per pop I’d gladly come back next week! Try this resto when you’re in the area. It’s at the ground floor of Fashion Hall in SM Megamall.

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