Poké Guy

So, what's your favourite Poké?

This Hawaiian marinated raw fish dish on a bed of rice with tons of add ons has been invading Van City by storm. 

Like most poké places, this shop takes you to an assembly line of ingredients where you first choose if you like the little guy or the big guy, I always go for the big guy only because you get unlimited toppings unlike others where you only get to choose 4 or 5. After choosing the size, your next decision would be the base - brown rice, white rice or salad, and then you get 2-3 proteins, the selection changes every day but I usually get the ahi, sockeye, albacore or shrimp depending on availability, the toppings consist of corn, tomato, onion, cucumber, cilantro, bean sprouts, an avocado slice for an extra dollar then a variety of sauces - ponzu, aoili, sriracha mayo, wasabi mayo, and finally the crunchies: fried onion, nori, pork rind, I'm sure I'm missing a lot more but you kinda get a sensory overload when you see the trays, it's almost like a Poké Subway.
I've tried a couple of Poké places in the past months but this tops them all for me, mostly because of the variety and quality of ingredients. The fact that the business owner has Hawaiian roots also gives some authenticity to the fare they deliver. Word of warning though, this isn't the place to go if you want a quick lunch stop, they open at around 11 and I lined up for almost an hour just to get my food! the next few visits I smartened up and went during off peak hours, they close at 5 or as soon as ingredients are sold out though so there really isn't a lot of window, well except for summer where they extend up to 7pm..

And if someone asks me what my fave poké is, well..

Verdict: 4/5

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