Red Fish Blue Fish

arguably the best fish and chips in the island
Sitting on wooden stools by the harbour and watching kayaks and seagulls while devouring your crispy fish and chips is a quintessential Victoria scene that is similar to drinking ice cold beer on a patio on a hot summer day, if you're a beer drinker that is.

As with all other places, the lineup here is quite terrible when you go during peak hours but a few minutes of standing under the sun will be rewarded with exceptional fare. well I guess when you're sunburnt and hungry I guess everything starts sounding exceptional haha but so far, I've never been disappointed with any of my orders.

My favourite is the salmon fish and chips and fried oysters, both come with crispy fries and some dip, you can also opt to have a salad instead but whoever heard of fish and salad? I know, right? you're eating deep fried food anyway so why not go all the way and try all their deep fried goodness in one meal. Another recent discovery is the tuna tacones which is basically like fish tacos but their tuna is lightly seared medium rare on a bed of greens and topped with a wedge of lime, a refreshing alternative if you don't want to clog your arteries. There are other grilled items on the menu and a chowder too but I haven't had time to give them a try because I keep getting derailed when I'm about to order, so maybe next time?

Verdict: 4/5 (a visit to Victoria is never complete without passing by this fish and chips stand)

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