Sushi Bar Maumi

Jiro wannabe

Ever since I watched Jiro dreams of sushi, I've always wanted to try that authentic and intimate sushi experience. Short of flying to Tokyo and spending thousands of yen, Maumi is just that place in Vancouver. 
This sushi bar is a small place with 10 seats and you can't just walk in, you need to reserve well in advance. They have 3 seatings depending on the day, 6pm, 730pm and 9pm, and each guest should order the 10 or 12 sushi set which will be made and served fresh at the same time. 

The restaurant has evolved since the first time I visited it last year. There used to be an option to order appetizers and then some nigiri after the meal plus it used to be 45$ but now it's 75$ and no more applies.. they don't accept phone reservations anymore too, just credit card reservation through their website, times are changing and hypes are hyping haha they also suffered from last minute cancellations so they decided to be more strict. 
It used to be worth it back when the 12 piece course was just 60$ but now at 75$, I would rather go to Bistro Sakana and order from the special menu. Then again, Maumi is asking you to pay top bucks for a unique sushi bar take on fish coming straight from Japan so it's definitely worth a try, I just don't think I'll be going back there after my last 3 visits.. 

Verdict: 3.5/5 (it was 4/5 before price increase)

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