Elbert’s Sandwiches

Ever heard of that fancy restaurant that serves premium steak cuts for as much as a whopping 6500Php per dinner plate? That high end steak house in Makati, Elbert’s Steak Room? Yeah, that one! This is NOT a review for that, mind you, but for its spin off, Elbert’s Sandwiches. Formerly located in Powerplant Mall, it has graced the south (raise the roof!) at Commerce Center, Alabang. Moving away from its mother restaurant, Elbert’s Sandwiches serves traditional American cuisine specializing in cheesesteaks and, seriously, need I say more?!

When I entered the joint, I was greeted by the staff hiding behind the counter. Almost jumped at being greeted because the place was virtually empty. I knew what I wanted, their Classic American Cheesesteak!!!! And I added provolone for good measure. And it certainly did not disappoint. It was served warm and wrapped in a clean, white paper. All it’s 8inches bun trying to hold all those steak goodness, topped with melted cheese (more like oozing), and caramelized onions. Ugh. Typing all that and looking at the picture makes my mouth all watery again! I think I took several photos with it, yes, even selfies, like it was some sort of a celebrity, check my IG haha! I mean, just look at it!

And not trying so hard on its own, I also ordered their superb Onion Rings. It didn’t take away anything from the cheesesteak experience, just accentuated it. It came with mayo and ketchup, so yeah, whichever rocks your boat. I tried them both, and they’re good either way.

Verdict: 4.5/5
I mean WOW! I Can I give them a 5?! Seriously I would, but I just tried their 2 dishes so far haha! And I wish I had a larger stomach to eat the entirety of it, but no. I had half of it to go haha! This is definitely, DEFINITELY worth another visit. If this humble joint serves food on this quality, I’m really intrigued with their mother restaurant. Someday soon I hope!

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