Ice Flower

I’ve (not) recently reviewed a similar restaurant before that served bingsu, page here. And just that we’re clear, I am rating this restaurant against that one. So here goes. Welcome to Ice Flower!

Apart from a family of 4 near the snow machine (yes, they have this makeshift playground that has a snow machine where children can play, just children, boo!), I was the only customer inside the restaurant. There was a very serious looking Korean guy sitting on one of the tables where his laptop and phone were on display. Later on, I would determine he’s the owner because he inspected my bingsu before I was called (they have that buzzer thing) and reprimanded the employees when I had gone back to my table.

The chairs and tables were of mismatched colors and forms while the walls were just smoothened cement perhaps to accentuate the seats and tables to full effect? But honestly, the vibe was quite sad, unlike other bingsu shops you might have visited. Maybe it just looked a little unfinished. Or I didn’t get the concept haha!

Going back to my dessert, I realized I ordered the wrong size because when I looked up at their menu, right after the Mango Cheesecake, the prices for S M L sizes were written neatly, and at the very end, came the cheapest price and it read Cup. I ordered the small bingsu but found it really huge for someone who recently had a heavy lunch. Anyway, that’s a note for future visits. The bingsu came with the standard shaved milk ice, a little on the sour side mango bits, melt in your mouth cheesecake cubes, sliced almonds, and the mango sauce drizzle of course. It tasted just right and they gave me an extra small cup of milk for my perusal in case I needed it to be more milky or sweeter.

Verdict: 2/5
Presentation was so-so, I had better! My favorite part was the cheesecake, it was so yummy, I had to stop myself from asking more of that instead of the milk LOL the ambience of the shop could be improved, that goes without saying, and maybe have the owner smile a little, to attract more customers, no?

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