Looking for a new place to try around in Alabang, we found this very quiet restaurant tucked in Commercenter, Kessaku. Yes, another Japanese restaurant! Wait, you didn’t get the memo that we’re going to slay all Japanese restaurants here?! Since I recently tried ramen, it’s time to switch things up. And since I’m a fan of kaki and uni, those are exactly the ones I ordered.

But before that, the servers gave me an appetizer, part of their outstanding service mind you, a medley of kani and mayonnaise on top of cucumber slices. Refreshing and enough to open up the palette for more surprisingly delicious dishes from their kitchens.

My first dish came and it was jaw dropping. 7 insanely huge kaki tempura served on shells with streaks of wasabi mayo. The batter was light and the oysters were fresh, I just had the mistake of not asking the server to separately serve the wasabi mayo, and yes, that’s on me. At first bite, it drowned the light sweetness of the oysters, so I knew what to do with the remaining 6. Nevertheless, they were all good.

And then my next and final dish, uni nigiri. Too bad they only had local (but fresh) uni. I had the most unfortunate experience of trying a not-so-fresh uni from a different restaurant, so I had the knowledge to nit pick my uni nigiri before I put everything in my mouth LOL and suffer the same fate. And it’s sweet! Melts in your mouth and very refreshing. So what followed? An empty plate of course! 

Verdict: 3.5/5 
This place deserves another visit or two. The ambience was quiet and intimate. The servers are very well behaved, and keep their distance so you can enjoy your food in peace. I’m sure there are lots of other good stuff they can offer from the menu. So next time, let’s try more!

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