Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs

When I first saw this in Podium, I remembered that character from New Girl sitcom. I like his character because he’s funny and relatable even if he had really quirky pet peeves. So yes, I think I’m already biased with this one. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to try this but I guess I never had the chance to, until now.

Schmidt’s Gourmet Hotdogs is located on the 5th floor of Podium Mall (yes, you will see a lot of reviews coming from here and SM Megamall, because both are in close proximity of my office, so suck it up). I wouldn’t qualify it as a restaurant, it’s more like a glorified stand, really. Their kitchen is quite small and it’s just beside the counter, and their chairs and tables for dine-in customers are on the hallway. But the other restaurants beside it (there are at least 5 more), had the same set up, so I guess they were trying to go for an al fresco dining style, although they are inside the mall. Kudos to the glass ceiling, I’ll give them that.

When I asked for their best seller, they recommended the Coney Island Chillidog. I was torn between The Juilus (which had bacon) and this one, but since they recommended it, I went with that. The Coney Island Chillidog had a hotdog on a regular bun, with flavourful ground beef, sour cream, cheese sauce, and sliced jalapeños as toppings. I paired it with their house blend iced tea which is really refreshing! I couldn’t make out the fruity after taste it had. It went well with the hotdog, too.

Verdict: 3/5

Wasn’t a fan of the bun especially after hearing other reviews, I was a bit disappointed about it. I was expecting it to be crisp outside and soft in the inside. I think it was pedestrian or am I being too harsh, because it’s just a bun, hello. I liked the hotdog, maybe they could start offering hotdogs minus the bun! Could go back and try that other ‘dog, The Julius because bacon! And will order XL iced tea and another to go!

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