Terry’s Selection

Terry’s Selection is a hidden treasure tucked away in the lower level of Podium Mall. If it weren’t for poeticnook’s searching prowess, we wouldn’t be able to find this restaurant at all. It was even my first time going at the lower level of this mall, I always thought it was reserved for their underground parking. But I was surprised it was lined up with several utility and special services stores and at the very end, there stood Terry’s. When entering their store, you will be welcomed with top of the line products which are hard to find in your normal grocery store. It looked like a huge delicatessen for me, worthy of another visit. And then I turned right towards their restaurant section. It was a little early for lunch and I was the first customer there.

I ordered the Callos ala Andaluza right away. I’ve tasted poeticnook’s cooking and honestly, that one’s the one to beat (but yes, yes, I know we’re here for Terry’s). Terry’s Callos had soft enough tripe, Spanish chorizo, olives, chickpeas, and Jamón Serrano. Since I didn’t order any rice to accompany this dish, they gave me complimentary bread. I think the chefs here were able to make the tripe shine and be the star of the dish, as it’s meant to be. The only downside to this dish was its serving size. I guess it was for sharing.

By the end of the meal, my dessert, Flan de la Abuela, translating to Grandmother’s Flan, is a sweet, custard treat. I’m a snob when it comes to flans, since my mother happens to make the best flan I ever tasted. I get annoyed with the small bubbles stuck in the custard for cooking it on high heat. This one’s not perfect but it had great taste.

Verdict: 3/5

I did like the interior of the restaurant, intimate and cozy, perfect for family gatherings. The crew were all very attentive, but maybe because I was the only customer (yeah, nobody came in after me, and still noone after I left! Hmm..) Since I have tasted better callos and flan, minus 2 for those already. But I do want to go back to their delicatessen and check what’s out there. Maybe visit the restaurant again, but not anytime soon.

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