Here we are with another Japanese restaurant in SM Megamall, at the 3F of Atrium wing this time. Botejyu is known for their okonomiyaki and okosoba dishes and of course I didn’t get those! LOL Somehow, the fantastic presentation of their All-Star Takoyaki and their very intriguing Potato Mochiyaki spoke to me more than anything else. So let’s begin.

I arrived at the restaurant early for lunch, to avoid the line, and I was seated on a booth. I knew what I wanted so I ordered that along with a refreshing Green Apple and Cucumber shake. It’s perfect after the walk under the hot weather. I love it because it’s not too sweet and yep, you guessed it, it’s green! 

After a few minutes, my Mentaiko and Potato Mochiyaki arrived. And it’s monstrous! Super thin deep fried potato strips sitting on top of a mentaiko mochi bed, topped with mayonnaise, mentaiko, and minced parsley. Cutting through it is a joy because it’s so light and crispy, it’s a little messy though because of the tiny bits flying off. The mochi bedding had the most mentaiko so it’s really flavorful and you must finish all that to get your money’s worth. Don’t get too carried away with the pretty potato haha!

And then my All-Star Takoyaki graced the table and wow! It’s as pretty as what they have on their menu! From top left to bottom right, here are the flavors: Salt Garlic Mayo, Spicy Mentai Mayo, Sauce and Mayo, Thick Spicy Sauce, Tomato Sauce, Umami Sauce and Mayo (although this really looks like the first one, or both could be this last one, I don’t know LOL). Each had real octopus bits and chopped veggies inside. They were also not too heavy for consumption, considering there’s 6 of them. I like the Spicy Mentai and Thick Spicy Sauce flavors most.

Verdict: 3.5/5
I gave a high rating for this restaurant because it’s evident they did not hold off on any of the ingredients, making it a good deal for your money. I have yet to try the best sellers, maybe next time we’ll do that.

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