Ramen Yushoken

It’s the monsoon season (well, at least here in Manila) and that makes having ramen for dinner more logical. But no, not really, we just wanted ramen and it did rain but after dinner LOL and so, Ramen Yushoken just happens to be near my area, in Molito Lifestyle Mall, Madrigal, Alabang to be exact. This is a good place to dine because there’s a lot of parking spaces and a lot of new restaurants to choose from, showcasing different cuisines and the prices range from affordable to highfaluting amounts.

I ordered a side of Gyoza because it just makes sense that way haha! It’s also one of their bestsellers. It was such a nice treat because of its crispy bottom and was adequately filled.

The Miso Ramen is a must-try and that’s what I asked for. Unfortunately, the server informed me that they're already out of it. *sadness* So I just opted for Shio Ramen. This is their salt based ramen and the lightest among the broth flavors. It wasn’t spicy at all, so you have to add chili powder if you want it that way. But for me, flavor was ok as it is. The milky broth had ultra hard noodles (fun watching the cooks in the kitchen - I was seated at the bar), which didn’t become soggy even I left it in there for a while. A very generous serving of chasu slices topped the bowl, with thinly sliced bamboo shoots, minced onion leeks, and of course, aji tamago! Ain’t it pretty?

Verdict: 3/5
I’d like to try their Miso Ramen next time! I liked the Shio Ramen, so maybe they’ll do fine or better with their bestseller. So for now, they can sit at a 3/5. We’re coming back for you, elusive Miso!

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